Touch and reveal game card


“Be a Washer and Win”


Wash and Win Bottle Collar Instant Win Game Card


To increase sales uplift and brand awareness


700,000 innovative Wash ‘n’ Win game cards were created for PZ Cussons´ leading handwash brand Carex. The specialist ink technology devised in B&H´s laboratory was applied to 700,000 bottle collars in total and ran nationwide in all major multiples within the UK.

Each collar incorporated a panel covered by a special water release ink which concealed three different ‘Sun’ symbols each depicting a Win or Lose message. Consumers were able to detach the neck collar and place the card under running water at home to reveal whether they had won a prize by washing away the covering ink. Prizes included holidays to Florida and Centre Parc weekends. The promotion also carried a 20 pence off coupon to further encourage sales uplift.


The Wash ‘n’ Win mechanic was absolutely perfect for the product. It actively engaged the consumer in to the promotion by adding an extra dimension of fun and creativity.

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