Dip and win ice cream game card about to be inserted into a pot of ice cream


Stick it in to Win´ pan-European Promotion


Chill ‘n’ Win Game Card


To promote new utility supplier ‘npower’ and to build a target database.


During an 8 week campaign bill payers were visited at their homes by a Field Sales Force who highlighted the advantages of signing up with ‘npower’ and handed them an instant win “Chill out in Oz“ game card as a way of breaking the ice.

The card revealed hidden Win/Lose messages when placed in the householder´s fridge. There were loads of cool prizes to win, and every card won something.

To claim their prize you had to phone on ‘npower’ number and give your name, address, phone number and household details – everything ‘npower’ needed to create a target database for the telesales teams to follow-up.


A highly effective way to find the data information they needed. Quick and low cost, resulting in 100% accurate target database.


npower is a multi utility provider. They had no target database in information to direct sales calls. Purchase databases were full of many not suitable subjects which would waste time and money. So npower wanted to create their own.

To call door to door, but not to sell, only to give a free prize winning card and quickly explain what they could win.

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