Selection of two types of Reebok game cards, before and after being touched to reveal a message


Put your foot down


Touch ‘n’ Reveal Game Cards


To increase trial and sales of Reebok trainers versus competitors' brands (brand switching).


We produced a game piece in the form of a printed card disc with a Touch & Reveal™ panel which changed colour with body heat.

One disc came free with a trial of any Reebok Footwear in the shop, and the recipient simply placed it inside the shoe they were trying on. The Touch & Reveal™ panel changed colour to reveal a message.


Sales increased so much that Reebok reran the promotion twice more.


The use of the Touch & Reveal™ thermochromic ink triggered by their own body (feet) temperature was directly relevant to the product (Reebok Footwear) and therefore strengthened the promotion significantly. It also appealed very much to the target audience being new and state-of-the-art. And with Reebok trainers already on their feet they were more inclined to purchase Reebok than any other brand. And that is what they did!

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