Metz game card pressed against bottle, reveals winning message


Watch the cold take hold


500,000 Cold Reveal Game Card


To create awareness of Metz, the schnapps based drink. Metz is designed to be consumed ice cold and the cold reveal game card was used to reinforce the message to both bar staff and consumers.


A Chill ‘n’ Win Game Card was designed as part of the Metz campaign. The card incorporated a thermochromic triangular panel which when placed against the chilled bottle reacted by displaying a Win message.

The promotion ran in selected bars nationwide and encouraged bar staff to serve the drink chilled and consumers to drink it chilled. The campaign was backed up by an extensive above and below the line advertising campaign of which the game card formed past of this.


With the increasing trend for colder drink temperatures, the Chill ‘n’ Win technology worked well in the promotion. It was new and interactive, which matched the profile of the drink it was promoting and as the drink was designed to be consumed ice cold the Chill ‘n’ Win game card reinforced that message.

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