Microbake Steak Pie product packets, before and after, revealing the hidden message


Great British Inventions–Microbake Pies


Cook ‘n’ Win On-pack Game Card


To create sales uplift and brand awareness and reinforce the innovative nature of the product to complement the promotional theme of “Great British Inventions”.


An innovative on-pack Cook ‘n’ Win instant win game card for Freshbake´s frozen food brand ‘Microbake Pies which required cooking the pie with the game card.

The packaging incorporated a special heat sensitive area which revealed a Win message when cooked and heated to the required temperature in the microwave together with the Microbake Pie. Everyone was a winner with customers have the chance of winning a Mini Cooper Car as top prize. Other prizes included Solar Radios, Free Pies and Money Off Next Purchase.

The promotion ran nationwide in all major supermarkets with the UK.


An increase in visitors to the Grohe stand. Exhibitions cost money and the cost per lead decreased significantly due to this promotion, giving sales staff more to work on.


The technology created an innovative mechanic which was ideal for microwaved and oven cooked promotions. It was simple to use as it activated itself in the cooking process and the novelty created the desired interest and demand from the consumer.

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