Touch and reveal game card


Do you have the midas touch? Win a Fishful of Krugerrands


Touch ‘n’ Reveal A5 mailer cards.


To increase awareness of the newly launched bank from the Halifax to 20,000 financial intermediaries.


The mailer card incorporated a specially printed black thermochromic panel on the front of the card which asked the recipient if they were ‘Gold-Fingered?’

When touched the panel changed colour from black to gold. The interactive card was mailed to over 20,000 professional financial intermediaries and incorporated a teaser message about a forthcoming mail pack which included a competition to win a fistful of Krugerrands!


A highly effective way to find the data information they needed. Quick and low cost, resulting in 100% accurate target database.


In order to generate maximum impact for the teaser campaign Intelligent Finance required something that would provide interactivity. The thermochromic process on the card enabled that to happen – Being interactive it captured the recipients initial attention and the results of the teaser campaign were extremely successful.

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