King of the grill

Do you burn your BBQ chicken just to be sure it's cooked? Carry on reading.

Chargrilled chicken anyone>

With the warm weather the wannabe chefs are out inviting friends round for their annual BBQ. Whether you're the cook or a guest, eating well prepared cooked food is important.

When you're cooking the chicken and unsure if it's ready, simply get one of our Cook Sensors out of the brandable pack and insert it. Let the sensor react to the temperature by leaving it for a couple of seconds. Then remove and look at the tip.

See when the chick has been cooked

If the tip is the right colour, bingo! It's ready to be served- King of the grill! If the tip hasn't changed don't stress, just repeat the process until it is. I know, that simple!

So stop serving burnt food and be the talk of the office come Monday morning about how tasty your food was rather then performing the caterpillar dance move on the decking.

ps. Available for BBQ guests too.
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